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Address: 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-18, Singapore 151119
Monday to Friday: 08:30:00 - 19:00:00
Saturday: 08:30:00 - 19:00:00
Sunday: -
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Service & EquipmentTong Hin & Co Provide one stop installtion and service
Tong Hin & Co
Tong Hin & Co
SizeFitting Charge Normal Size (SGD$ per pcs)Fitting Charge Run Flat Tyres (SGD$ per pcs)
12 inch16.2Not Available
13 inch16.2Not Available
14 inch16.2Not Available
15 inch16.2Not Available
16 inch16.2Not Available
17 inch21.627
18 inch21.627
19 inch2732.4
20 inch2737.8
21 inchNot AvailableNot Available
22 inchNot AvailableNot Available
23 inchNot AvailableNot Available
24 inchNot AvailableNot Available

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Customer feedback on Tong Hin & Co

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Score based on 31 users

Customer feedback on Tong Hin & Co
Review Date: 08/04/2011
Fitting at Tong Hin at the appointed date/time (9 am) is fast. No queue since mine is the first appointment for the day. However, when I enquire about the nitrogen gas filling, the owner quoted me $15 per type which was 3 times the price show in the tyrepac website. ??. I did not go for it. Labour charges for fitting was as per price in tyrepac website. $16.05 per tyre for R18 rim.
Review Date: 03/05/2011
quick and reliable service.
Review Date: 02/08/2011
Conscientious and good service. Will recommend Tong Hin to other customer.
Review Date: 06/07/2012
Fast job.. No issues..
Review Date: 13/09/2012
Pit-stop like service. Task minded crew and staff could do with abit of customer courtesy.
Review Date: 20/11/2012
Fast & efficient service
Review Date: 24/11/2012
Arrived at appt time. Everything was completed within 15mins! Installation charge is one of the cheapest. Great place to go!
Review Date: 26/11/2012
It only take about 15 min to replace the 4 tyres, fast and good. I like the service.
Review Date: 11/03/2013
Tong Hin has always been highly reputed for providing good service, quality products that are mainstream all the way to super premium. My experience there has been good. The change of tyres is a standard service but the team there are courteous and thats what makes a difference. At least you dont feel bad about changing tyres there without actually buying the tyres from them
Review Date: 11/03/2013
Work done within 20 minutes. Very efficient
Review Date: 12/03/2013
Review Date: 16/04/2013
Very fast installation, hassle free and friendly too. Recommended. Although the working area (parking spot) is cashcard entry.
Review Date: 14/05/2014
Installer was pretty good and fast.
Review Date: 15/09/2014
The service was really lousy. They scratched my rims when changing the tyres and did not bother to clean my rims and shine my tyres. This is so different from previous experience with another tyre installer.